Mark Paynes Collision has always been able to provide multiple services for our customers, because we know that automotive needs may vary with each passing day. Other auto body shops or collision repair businesses in Texas only focus on one particular branch of service and recommend that their customers go to other businesses in the area for any type of auto body services that they cannot provide for them on their own.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we do not care about those boundaries; we strive to go far beyond those limitations and become the most convenient option on your list of choices by offering many different auto body and collision services directly within our single location.

Collision Repair

Thousands of automobile accidents occur throughout this country each day. Many of them are just minor accidents, such as fender benders, that produce minor damage and minor injuries if any at all. However, at the other end of the spectrum, many of those tragic accidents result in major damage to the bodies of the automobiles involved as well as their passengers. Regardless if the damage to your automobile is minor or major, you can feel safe in bringing it to us so that we can do our very best to get it back into shape in order to hopefully get you and your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Paint & Body

Even if your vehicle is never in a collision accident, it can still receive a lot of damage in many different ways over time. Inclement weather, for example, may cause trees and other objects to fly into and fall on your vehicle not to mention any animals that may be crossing the road at the same time that you are on any given day. Regardless of how the damage occurs, our team of specialists is available to study that damage and work on a plan to successfully provide any body work that is necessary.

While other shops may not care about the specific paint color that your vehicle has and may decide to just come up with whatever match they can find, our technicians work diligently to get the paint color as close to the original as possible. We can even repaint your vehicle completely without any low-quality shortcuts to keep it shining and glistening the way that you may picture it in your dreams.

Paintless Dent Repair

Dents and dings are just some of the many forms of minor damage that can seem to pop up on your vehicle at a moments notice. There is a million different ways that these little dents can be formed on your car at any time many of which really have nothing to do with you. Do not become overly frustrated by these unforeseen occurrences, because you can rely on the services of Mark Paynes Collision to straighten out these kinks for you as well. Our technicians are experts at paintless dent repair services, which allow us to level out most dents in the body of your vehicle without having to repaint a single spot after doing so.

The technicians that work on our team are some of the most trained, and experienced professionals within the industry in this area and have been able to assist thousands of customers in similar situations before. You can trust in our team to provide you with a body repair solution the same way that they have been able to do so time and time again for our customers in the past.