Even though every auto body and collision shop may do a lot of things differently, there are certain aspects of our work that are the same across the board. This is why so many people could easily be misled in believing that every shop within our industry is the same and that it really does not matter which one you choose to service your vehicle. This is a huge misconception that has been proven false time and time again by the quality that our team here at Mark Paynes Collision places into each phase of the repair process that is hard to match much less beat by any other companys standards.

We Provide an Estimate

Before any work is performed on your vehicle, our technicians will thoroughly study the damage, come up with a detailed plan of action and create an estimate for all of the parts and labor that are necessary in order to complete that plan. Unlike other shops that keep you in the dark during this part of the process just to hurry up and start working, we take our time to make sure that we provide a free estimate to you within minutes regardless of whether or not you choose us to perform the work. We hope that you do choose us to complete the work for you and will explain each step of the projected repair timeline with you to make sure that you do not walk away with any unanswered questions.

We Begin the Disassembling Stage

Our experts at Mark Paynes Collision focus on providing quality in every aspect of every job, regardless of how big or small that job may be. Other shops will cut corners and take shortcuts that sacrifice quality in order to save themselves time and money. We disassemble the damaged area of your vehicle to make sure that we do not miss anything during our repair process. We do not take any shortcuts that could prove to be detrimental to your vehicle in the long run; we make sure that we have the necessary parts available before we proceed with our repair.

We Repair & Paint Your Vehicle

Once we have all of the parts that we need, the body technicians on our team here at Mark Paynes Collision will then focus on completing the repair. We make sure that the parts we use meet the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer and ensure that everything is placed and aligned properly before we send in our paint team to begin their phase of the project. Our painting specialists will make sure that we get the color of the new parts as close to the color of the rest of your vehicle as possible. We will go above and beyond to make sure that it looks as good as possible before proceeding to the final phase of our job.

We Reassemble & Detail Your Vehicle

After we have thoroughly checked to make sure that the repair and paint work at least met our projected expectations, we carefully reassemble your vehicle and complete our 12-point inspection just to make sure that everything runs the way that it should. In extreme cases where there was structural damage to the vehicle, our technicians will take the vehicle on a brief test drive to make sure that those issues have also been resolved. Our detailers will then clean out the interior and exterior of your vehicle as we call you to let you know that it is ready to pick up.